Cleaning Set for trumpet, cornet, fluegelhorn


  • Cleaning set for trumpet , cornet cleaning cord for tubing
  • cleaning bar for tuning slides and valve casings
  • cleaning bar for valve cylinders
  • conical mouthpiece brush










Cleaning a trumpetCleaning instructions

  1. Pull out all slides from the instrument
  2. Run water through the part of the instrument to be cleaned and soak it in soapy water or REKA DES cleaning fluid
  3. Slip the ball on the end of the cleaning string into the tube to be cleaned and pull the cleaning cloth slowly through
  4. Always choose the shortest passage. All tubes can be reached in this way, even the short tubing sections between valves. Rotary valves must be turned accordingly to allow passage of the ball and cloth
  5. Use the other cleaning tools as shown in the drawings
  6. Finally, rinse each part that was cleaned with lukewarm, soapy water, shake out the excess water, and allow the instrument to dry
  7. The cleaning tools should never be exposed to temperatures above 40º C (100º F) and should be kept clean and dry to avoid damage to the rubber parts