Articles for inner and outer cleaning of wind instruments

Brass instruments
General infos about the care and inner cleaning of brass instrument

  • trumpet, cornet, fluegelhorn
  • trombone
  • french horn
  • tenor horn baritone euphonium
  • tuba, sousaphone, helikon

Woodwind instruments
General infos about the inner and outer care of woodwind instruments

  • clarinet
  • bass clarinet
  • soprano saxophon
  • alto and tenor saxophone
  • oboe
  • bassoon
  • flute, alto flute
  • piccolo
  • recorder

Care products, oils and grease                                            
Infos about care products

  • valve (piston) oil
  • rotary oil
  • trigger oil
  • key oil
  • tuning slide grease
  • cork grease
  • REKA Super-Slide trombone slide lubricant
  • REKA DES cleaner
  • REKA protect spray
  • clean up
  • mouthpiece cleaner
  • silver polish