for care and cleaning of brass and woodwind instruments

Karl-Heinz Viesehon (Geschäftsführer REKA)REKA makes everything you need to keep your instrument in perfect playing condition. With brass instruments, regular and thorough inner cleaning is a must. Residues enter the instrument during playing. With time, they alter the dimensions of the air passageways, which disturbs the instrument’s playing qualities, and they chemically attack the inside of the tubing, corroding the metal over time. These residues also influence the flow of air through the instrument and even affect how the metal vibrates. With the materials available until now, properly cleaning the INSIDE of a brass instrument has not been possible. The ancient method of soaking the instrument in water and shaking and turning to loosen built-up residues is time-consuming and quite ineffective.

ReinigungswerkzeugeWith REKA Cleaning Sets, you have the perfectly suited materials for fast, easy, comfortable,and above all complete care of any brass instrument, thus retaining optimal playing qualities and maximizing longevity. Each Cleaning Set includes two to four parts (depending on the instrument), of which the most important is the sponge rubber swab. This tool is matched to the inside bore of the instrument and pulled easily through every tube and crook for effective removal of all foreign substances. Cleaning the sharpest bends and even the short sections between valve casings is no problem.

Trigger-ÖlAfter cleaning, the instrument can be prepared for your next gig with other REKA products. All the valve oils are very durable, retaining constant viscosity despite changes in temperature, thus obviating cleaning the valves and applying different oils before playing outdoors, for example, or in unheated rooms. Of course we make special oils for both piston (Perinet) and rotary valves. There is even a special oil for trigger slides, which must move lightly and freely but not change position on their own, for example when using water keys. For regular tuning slides, REKA slide grease combines optimum holding power with easy, smooth motion, and the special applicator means an end to messy fingers and the inevitable grease spots on the outside of the instrument. It is long-lasting, contains no acids, and is non-resin-forming.

For perfect cleaning, REKA - PLUS fluid is highly recommended in combination with the cleaning kit. The cleaning sponge is first soaked in this soap-based solution. After thorough swabbing, the affected parts are then rinsed with REKA DES to remove completely all residues. For woodwinds, it is particularly important that all wooden tubes are thoroughly dried on the inside, which is why these cleaning sponges are covered with soft leather. The rubber material presses the leather smoothly and firmly against the inside walls of the instrument to enable removal of all traces of moisture without runs. After this procedure, neither will the pads swell. 

REKA also supplies an excellent key oil that can be dosed with pinpoint accuracy using the applicator supplied with each bottle.